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Raised Garden Bed

Build a Raised Garden Bed for Fall Gardening

This fall, raise your spirits and get that garden off the ground! Raised garden beds, or garden boxes, can be a great addition to your backyard, school, or community garden. Constructed from non-treated, naturally rot-resistant, long-lasting wood, these beds can offer gardeners a variety of benefits while taking the strain off of your back or knees. They're also accessible for kids in school or family backyard gardens. Read on for six reasons to build one yourself!



Eggs for Breakfast

Celebrating Breakfast at SFC Farmers' Markets

It all begins with an egg. We suppose there would be some who would debate that assertion, but this month we’re celebrating BREAKFAST—the most important meal of the day—so we think eggs are the perfect starting point! SFC Farmers’ Markets offer so many delicious and healthy ways to start your day. Besides the incredible, edible egg, think pastured pork sausage, juicy melons and figs, potatoes and greens in a skillet, kolaches, croissants, preserves and honey . . . We could go on for days. To get you thinking like a champion, check out our The Egg & I board over on Pinterest. You might just get inspired enough to want breakfast for supper!


Iron Skillet

How to Clean and Care for an Iron Skillet

Like a loyal old friend, a cast iron skillet never lets you down. Cast iron pans can literally last for generations; considering you’ll have it for a lifetime, the initial investment of around $20 seems like almost nothing.

Offering a super hot cooking surface and even heat conduction, the trusty and versatile iron skillet is perfect for searing steaks and can just as easily bake up a cornbread or everyday cake in the oven. It’s just the right tool for pan-frying, and we love to toss in vegetables for roasting. It even offers health benefits, adding trace amounts of iron to your diet. With so many reasons to love it, make sure you show your cast iron pan lots of love in return and treat it right. Read on for The Happy Kitchen’s tips for the care and feeding of your new BFF!

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Rent a chicken!
We’re excited to welcome Chicken Renters to SFC Farmers’ Market Sunset Valley—they’re connecting with market shoppers who might want to keep backyard birds but want to give it a trial run first.

Dan Barber’s coming to town!
Come join the celebrated farm to table chef and author at The Paramount for an evening of inspiring ideas and conversation to kick off Eat Drink Local Week! Buy your tickets now to hear The Third Plate author on Monday, December 8th. Click here for details and tickets »

Celebrate 20 years of loving food with Central Market!
On September 25th, join SFC and other Central Market fans for an outdoor buffet dinner and concert with live fire grilling, chef demos, drinks and music by Asleep at the Wheel. More info and tickets here »

Movie Night!
On Friday, September 5th, join Wildflower Church for a free screening of King Corn followed by a panel discussion. More details and RSVP here »

Join THK for a free Cooking After Cancer class series
Beginning September 22nd. Make new friends and learn how to cook foods that heal the body. More info and join here »

Food entrepreneurs—are you up for a challenge?
UT’s Food Lab has $30,000 to give away to the start-ups with the most innovative business plans. Deadline for applying is September 30th. Read more here »

Let's talk about cooking!
Come join our Facebook group SFC The Happy Kitchen Happy Cooks ‐ a place to share recipes, tips, kitchen stories, and cooking ideas with each other.

Let your tastebuds travel far and wide!
Join The Wine & Food Foundation of Texas for Tour de Vin on September 18th for a walk-about wine and food tasting, the event features many of Austin’s favorite restaurants and over 80 amazing wines from around the world.The night is complete with a charitable raffle and DJ Horizontal K’s eclectic mix of vintage vinyl. The best part? $20 of each ticket benefits SFC, along with three other local non-profits! More info and tickets here »

Culinary competition, local seasonal food, and celebrity judges?
Sounds like a recipe for fun! Join us at the Texas Chef’s Association Farm to Chef event on Saturday, September 27th and pick a winner for yourself! More info here »







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