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Grow Some Happiness

Grow some happiness! Community gardeners in our St. David's Foundation community garden have been turning on the smiles with the bright and cheerful sunflowers they've planted. Standing tall, faces turned towards the sun, they bring more than just a good vibe to the garden. Come see us and start learning about growing food and companion flowers in our teaching garden! You can see what's growing in the community garden, learn how to apply for a plot, and work alongside our Grow Local Teaching Garden Coordinator Ellen during open garden hours--check out times on our events calendar.

And start growing happiness today--read on for our top five reasons to grow sunflowers!

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Blackberry Galette

Celebrate Berries: Rustic Blackberry Galette

A little rain changes everything. At the market this spring and summer, we've seen how the earth celebrates, yielding tender greens long into the summer and bursting forth with heavy tomatoes, plump squash and eggplant, and most of all by offering us an abundance of sweet, juicy melons, peaches, plums, and berries. It would be a crying shame not to join the party! This rustic galette--really a free-form tart--is the perfect way to showcase your market haul. The crust is quick and forgiving, made with both whole wheat and unbleached flours for a rustic texture and lots of pastured butter for richness that offsets the tart berries. Not overly sweet, this dessert is perfect for a picnic along with a variety of local cheese. Get your rolling pins out quick, though, berry season doesn't last forever!

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Preserve the Bounty: Freeze It!

Freezing food has been around a long time--and by a long time, we mean thousands and thousands of years. Long before we harnessed electricity, people buried summer food deep in the tundra to see them through harsh winters. As history progressed, we continued to squirrel away food in the winter in ice-cold warehouses and shelters and added canning, drying, fermenting, and smoking foods to our preserving repertoire. Modern kitchens mean we can bring all these food preserving techniques into our own homes, offering access to summer goodness all year. Of course, if we could just throw food as we find it into the freezer, Bird's Eye and all their friends would be out of business, so we're here to share some insider tips with you. Read on for our best food-freezing secrets.



Come grow with us!
Exciting career opportunities at SFC: Volunteer Coordinator, Community Outreach Coordinator, Farm Direct Projects Manager, and more! Click here for more info »

Love your local farmers and vendors?
We do too! Come out to the SFC Farmers’ Market at Sunset Valley and Downtown to vote for your favorite farmer and vendor. The farmers and vendors with the most votes get their booth fee waived for the week. Just come to the market, get your stickers from any volunteer, and then place them right on the farmers and let them know they’re your favorite. Come support the farmers who support you every week!

The Big Chill!
It’s the coolest event in the hot Texas summer, and it’s tonight. Delicious food and drink benefiting Meals on Wheels—more info here »

The City’s Sustainable Food Policy Board is looking for candidates!
If you’re interested in serving, please click here for more info and to apply »

Come get your hands dirty!
We’ve got open volunteer hours in the teaching garden this summer—help out, make new friends, and learn a little something in the process. Tuesdays and Fridays 7-10 am through August. Contact Ellen Orabone »





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