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Fall Garden

Kids: Get Your Hands Dirty!

Gardens can answer some of kids’ biggest questions, such as “Where does my food come from?” “Is nature important?” Growing food has been proven to be an effective way to change behavior and attitude towards healthy food choices and the environment. There are demonstrated connections between growing your own food and positive attitudes towards fruits and vegetables. Get kids in the garden, and before you know it, they’ll be checking the planting calendar on their own, eating a cucumber straight from the vine, and even cooking with the food they grew themselves! School gardens, in particular, empower and inspire kids to act on their own behalf and make healthy food choices, leading to...



Local Turkey

Time to Talk Turkey!

Food, food, and more food--how could we love any holiday as much as we love Thanksgiving? While we're no fan of relentless holiday music in October, we're more than happy to start planning our favorite meal of the year as early as we can. Our farmers have been planning even earlier--raising heritage and broad-breasted white turkeys on pasture, under wide blue Texas skies for months now. Katie and Colby Smith and Kay and Jim Richardson use rotational grazing methods, and the turkeys play their part, fertilizing the fields to grow rich, nutritious grasses for the next generation of animals...

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Cooking Root Veggies

Root Veggies: The 2-for-1 Veggie

Many root vegetables, such as beets, when first discovered by humans, didn’t really have any beet root at all—the leaves were just eaten. After time, humans selected for plants that yielded larger, starchier roots and –voila- today we grow beets and other root vegetables primarily for their starchy root and not necessarily their greens. However, the greens are incredibly nutritious with vitamins A, C and K, folic acid, calcium and iron present. Root vegetables that are still attached to their greens are fresher because the greens only stay fresh for a week or two once picked. That being said, root vegetables store very well when the greens are removed, hence why beets, turnips and rutabagas are popular in northern climates where the winters are harsh and food is preserved in root cellars. Read on for some tips to get the most bang for your buck and veggies!



SFC Chef Series: Autumn Harvest
On Sunday, Nov 16, Austin's most exciting chefs will come together at Sway for Sustainable Food Center Chef Series: Autumn Harvest. The evening's multi-course tasting menu & drink pairings will feature meats & produce from SFC's Farmers Market, as well as from local area farms and proceeds benefit SFC. Click here for more info and tickets »

Save the date and get your shovels ready!
TreeFolks will be away FREE TREES to qualifying Austin Energy customers on Nov. 22nd at the Sunset Valley Farmers' Market.

"Stop the Pounding Heart" film screening
Join the Austin Film Society on Wednesday, November 13th for a screening of “Stop the Pounding Heart,” a film featuring the Carlson family from Swede Farm. Click here for more info »

It’s time for Big Reds & Bubbles!
Don’t miss this evening’s dazzling array of the world’s finest champagnes, sparkling wines, and “big reds” on Nov 6th. A portion of the proceeds benefit SFC, so cheers to a healthy community! More info and tickets here »

Gamers, get ready!
On Saturday, November 1st, the SFC Farmers' Market Downtown will host Austin's first ever Ingress Meetup--free, family-friendly and open to all. Players of Ingress, a popular location-based video game, will meet at the market at 10 AM to enjoy local foods and get to know one another. Find more information about the #IngressFS meet-up here »

Fan Fest is this weekend!
The friendly folks at Formula 1 will be serving up live music and lots of fun in Republic Square Park this weekend as well as making sure our market shoppers have plenty of free parking, so come on out for the market and stay for the music. Check the Downtown Austin Alliance website for traffic and any street closure info.







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