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Climate Change and Soil

Most conversations about climate change focus on fossil fuels and rightly so, for the combustion of coal, oil, and natural gas are responsible for two thirds of carbon emissions. Increasingly, however, scientists, environmentalists, and policy makers are linking climate change to the health of our soils, with implications for everyone from large-scale farmers to backyard food gardeners. In addition to being a necessary medium for plant growth and health, soil is an enormous carbon reservoir, containing more carbon than the atmosphere and all plant life combined.



Margaret's Farm

Get To Know Margaret of Margaret's Farm

Margaret Taylor from Margaret’s Farm has been raising and growing food since she was a young girl in Kenya. Her roots in agriculture go deep and play an important role in her life. Although Margaret has been in Texas for 13 years, she only started farming part-time in the last three years. Time and resources keep her from doing more, but she doesn’t let that stop her. She chooses to grow food, because she enjoys good food, for her and her family, and for the simple joy of getting her hands in the soil. Margaret grows maize (corn), a variety of greens, herbs, and black-eyed peas. She also raises goats, chickens, guinea fowl, and ducks.




Cooking Up Confidence

When I found out last year that the Sustainable Food Center was offering public cooking classes in their new training center close to my home, I was ecstatic. I had been looking for cooking classes that were practical and affordable. Also, many years ago after taking one of their gardening classes, I had purchased their cookbook featuring seasonal recipes—many of which have become staple meals in my home. Because I really liked the cookbook and had a good experience in the gardening class, I was excited to register in a Happy Kitchen class. I was even more encouraged when I learned that the proceeds from the class would support free cooking classes for families in need.



Agua Dulce Farm Tour
Join Slow Food Austin on February 21st for a tour of Agua Dulce Farm followed by a farm-to-table lunch menu developed by chef Sonya Cote of Cote Catering, Eden East, and Hillside Farmacy. All proceeds benefit Agua Dulce Farm. More info and tickets »

ATX Food Swappers
Share your homemade, homegrown, or foraged foods with members of the food swapping community! The first food swap of the year will be at HausBar Farms on Sunday, Feb. 15th. More info and tickets »

2015 Food Challenge Showcase Day
The Food Lab at UT presents the Food Challenge Prize, an early-stage business start-up competition encouraging innovation in the global food system. 20 finalist teams have been working with industry mentors over the past 12 weeks preparing for the final showdown. On Feb. 14 learn more about these select food innovators in an open house format from 10:30am until 1:00pm. Click here for more info »

Creative Action Community Art Sunday
Join Creative Action Feb. 8 as we move and groove to the rhythms of our past and celebrate the music of our future. Play in a community drum circle and learn traditional world rhythms, get warm with a dance workshop, discover the music of historical East Austin, share your story about East Austin through Austin’s African American Cultural Heritage District‘s Treasured Places, explore music through an early childhood music class, and treat yourself to a unique performance and Q&A with the Peterson Brothers Band.Click here for more info »

Amplify Austin Ambassadors!
Are you passionate about the work Sustainable Food Center does and want to spread the word to all your friends? Join the Amplify Austin Ambassadors! We are looking for an enthusiastic group of people to spread the word about SFC and help us reach our goal of raising $15,000 in 24 hours during this year's Amplify Austin Day of Giving. Set up a personal fundraiser page through Amplify Austin and ask your friends and family to support access to healthy, local food for everyone. As an individual fundraiser, you set the goal, you get the word out, and you become a champion for the cause. For more information contact Becca Montjoy at







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