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Top 5 Garden Pest Myths

Our SFC Grow Local team has heard a lot of claims about magical garden remedies or extreme garden myths when it comes to garden pests. “Sprinkle ground cinnamon powder on the soil to prevent fungus” or “add aspirin to water to help the plant absorb the water and grow stronger roots.” Many of these claims are still under debate, but some of them are just plain wrong. So our SFC Grow Local team decided to de-bunk some of the more popular garden pest myths that they have heard – everything from spider bites to marigolds, and beer to baking soda. Read on fir our “Top Five Garden Pest Myths” explained.



Oh Kale Yeah! #AmplifyATX

Oh Kale Yeah! Let's #AmplifyATX

Amplify Austin, the community-wide celebration of giving, starts today at 6pm! During these 24 hours of giving, we hope to raise $15,000 for school gardens and healthy food in school cafeterias, affordable cooking and nutrition classes for everyone in Austin, and matching farmers’ market dollars for our neighbors shopping with food assistance benefits.

Today, please join us and help grow a strong local food system in Austin that benefits us all - because food is our future.

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Nutrition Facts

The Quickest and Easiest Way to Read the Nutrition Facts Label

Taking some extra time at the store to read the labels of packaged foods can help you reap health rewards for both you and your family. When looking at the Nutrition Facts Label, you’ll notice a percentage listed next to each micro- or macronutrient. This is called the Daily Value. It’s based on the “average” diet of 2000 calories per day. (That being said, a nursing mom or a college athlete will probably need more calories whereas a child will need less calories.) Choose foods with less: Fat, cholesterol, sodium and sugars. Choose foods with more...



Tell Congress you support the Farm to School Act of 2015
Our friends at the National Farm to School Network have been hard at work building support among federal lawmakers for The Farm to School Act of 2015. This act proposes an increase in funding from $5 million to $15 million for the USDA Farm to School Grant Program. Tell Congress you support the Farm to School Act of 2015 by signing a letter of support as an individual or on behalf of your organization. Make sure Congress knows that farm to school is a powerful tool for supporting our kids, our farmers and our communities!

Mark your calendar for Johnson's Backyard Garden's Annual Spring Hoedown
On Saturday, April 4th, this will be the first year the event will be located at the JBG River Road Farm, located jut 10 miles past ABIA in Garfield. Start off the hoedown with the Garden Gallop, a 5k Run and 1 mile Fun Run through the 200 acre farm, then enjoy some good food and a barn dance! Part of this year's proceeds will be benefiting Farmshare Austin. More info here »

We're hiring!
Join the SFC Team! We're looking for dynamic individuals to fill the following positions: Food Access Program Manager - 30hrs/week; Farm Direct Projects Coordinator - 40hrs/week. For more information and application instructions on these positions, please visit

Buy Fresh Buy Local
We're excited to announce that SFC is a part of the first Buy Fresh Buy Local chapter. This program is committed to making it easier for you to find fresh, local food around your community. And we need YOUR help to make sure this chapter is as successful as possible! Please fill out this simple survey with a few questions about your farmers' market experience.

Local Foods Day at the Texas Capitol
Want to Impact Local Foods Laws? Join the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance for an important and fun citizen lobbying event on Friday, March 13 from 9am-4pm at the Texas Capitol! We need feet on the ground to pass important bills to help local farmers and food producers grow and distribute more of the healthy foods that consumers are looking for. Click here for more info »







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