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Summer Fun in the Garden!

Grow Local Fun with Creative Action Summer Camp

SLast week, Sustainable Food Center and Creative Action teamed up to create a week-long food-themed summer camp for Creative Action campers. We had a blast hosting kids ages 5-9 for fun food system activities in our kitchen, garden, and community space. SFC activities followed our “Grow, Share, Prepare” food system theme, and each of our programs Grow Local, Farm Direct, and The Happy Kitchen led different portions of the camp throughout the day. Each day held something new and exciting for both campers and leaders...



Back to Farm-to-School!

Back to School with Farm to School!

There’s more to school lunches than meets the eye. Every year, public schools across the country serve over 7 billion low-cost or free lunches to more 35 million students every school day. These meals provide some children with the most calories and nutrients they will receive all day - inside the school or out. If ever there was a place to help kids eat more fresh, healthy, local fruits and vegetables, it would be here in the cafeteria. And, off we go, back to school! Students can be excited to...



Cooking Up Summer Fun!

Poems from Camp

We had a wonderful week co-hosting summer camp with our neighbors at Creative Action, and we’re pretty sure the campers had as much fun as we did. With SFC’s Grow Local and Farm Direct programs, they built trellises in the garden, visited the SFC Farmers’ Market East, set up their own mini farm stands, and learned about parts of a plant. In the kitchen, they learned about healthy eating, sampled a variety of vegetables, herbs, and spices, and prepared healthy snacks using produce from the market and garden. Their favorite was popcorn, and our favorite was hearing them ask for more vegetables to eat with their cucumber yogurt dip. They also used that knowledge to create their own recipes with Creative Action’s staff, and read on for some of the poems that they wrote about their creations...



Fresh & New at the SFC Farmers' Market
The heat is here, even with a cold front reported coming our way. It's time to swim at Barton Springs and plan your picnics at the Markets. If you are looking to cool off further, come see Jim Jim's Water Ice at SFC Farmers' Market at Sunset Valley for a refreshing treat or Mom and Pops if you are heading to SFC Farmers' Market Downtown. Want to turn up the heat? Try El Cruz's Fire Roasted Salsa over pork tacos at SFC Farmers' Market at The Trianlge or one of Lamba's Indian dishes at SFC Farmers' Market East. Or if you are looking for the perfect vegetable for the evening think about some stewed okra or a long bean salad - both of these can be found from many of our vendors. Read more »

Become an SFC Farm to School Ambassador
Sustainable Food Center works with schools in the Austin area to promote fresh, local foods in cafeterias and classrooms. SFC will place up to ten Farm to School Ambassadors in the fall 2015 semester to serve as liaisons with our 50 school partners. Learn More »


Farm Starter at Farmshare Austin
Help our friends at Farmshare Austin grow farmers and secure the future of local, organic food in Central Texas! Farmshare Austin hosts Farmer Starter, an intensive residential course where students live and work on an educational farm in eastern Travis County. Farmshare Austin needs to raise $38,500 to complete their campus and give students the best possible experience when they start this fall. Learn more » 

9th Annual Farm and Food Leadership Conference
September 25-26: Hear the latest news on the laws and regulations that govern our food supply. Connect with others who are passionate about our food system and get the tools you need to make a difference in the coming year! Learn more »







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