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Cover Cropping!

9 Reasons to Build Your Soil with Cover Crops

Organic gardeners know that healthy, living soil is the foundation of a successful garden. We also know that adding compost--a soil-like material rich in organic matter and teeming with microbial life--is an excellent way to promote soil health. But compost isn’t the only way to build healthy soil! A lesser-known approach with a whole host of benefits of its own is cover cropping. The term “cover crop” (also “green manure”) refers to specific types of plants that are grown in order to prepare soil for cultivation. Cover crops are...



Grillin' Tips from the Farmers' Market!

Try These Grillin' Tips from Market Manager Matt!

Summer is technically coming to a close with kids back in school this week. As we wrap up August, why not do it with friends in your backyard with food from the market that you throw on the grill? After all, the house stays cooler when you are cooking outside. Market Manager Matt Macioge encourages us not to be intimidated by grilling with the reminder that it is one of the most primal ways to prepare food. Matt offers a few tips that you need to know to start down the road to master grilling. First, know your...



Texas Mamma Jamma Ride

Mamma Jamma Ride and SFC

September 26, 2015 marks the 7th year of the Mamma Jamma Ride, and for 7 years, Sustainable Food Center has been a beneficiary of this wonderful event. The Ride raises much needed funds for our agency and eight other local non-profits dedicated to helping Central Texans coping with breast cancer. Our share of the proceeds allows us to offer a cooking and nutrition curriculum designed just for those dealing with this disease. Being part of the beneficiary network allows us to work with the other organizations to better recruit and serve clients. This year, SFC Volunteers, Miranda Spiro, Stella Harper and Rachelle Sedenlik will lead Team Tomatoes for...



Join us for our 2015 FREE Class Preview Night!!

Fresh & New at the SFC Farmers' Market
Among all the great farmers and ranchers at the SFC Farmers’ Market Downtown, we’re offering a special shout-out to James and Rose from Peach Creek this week – their pork chops rock! At Sunset Valley (and Downtown, too) Indian Hills gets a nod for their naturally raised, grassfed beef. Richardson Farms has plenty of good grilling ingredients at Triangle on Wednesdays, as well as both our Saturday markets. And make sure to visit Margaret at East for eggs and veggies. What else is in season? Find tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, okra, eggplant, squashes, onions, potatoes, melons, and peaches, plus local eggs, meats, cheese, bakery goods and ready-to-eat foods. Read more »

Bullfight Restaurant Preview
Join us on August 29th for a cocktail style evening at Shawn Cirkiel's soon to open Bullfight. Sample bites of tapas & sip sangria from the forthcoming menu all while contributing to Sustainable Food Center. Be the first to see what's in store! Learn more »

SFC on Good Day Austin
This week on our segment with FOX 7's Good Day Austin, Lauren visited with our friend Chef Rick Lopez of La Condesa and made ensalada zanahoria. Watch the video »


Farm Day at Sand Creek Farm
Take a 2 hour tour of Sand Creek Farm, a diverse family farm committed to high quality foods utilizing sustainable farming practices. Much of the farm's energy is geared to training the next generation of farmers, producing high quality aquaponic produce as well as dairy products, meats, and eggs. Learn more » 

Slow Food Scholarships for Farm and Food Leadership Conference
Slow Food Austin is offering two scholarships to the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance 9th annual Farm and Food Leadership Conference in Bryan, TX on September 25th and 26th. This conference focuses on the policies that affect our local farms and food production, and brings together experts on a wide range of topics including food safety, GMOs, government programs, urban farming, and more. Learn more »







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