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Serving student grown produce in the cafeteria!

Using School Garden Produce in the Cafeteria

School lunches have dramatically evolved since they were first introduced in schools as early as the 1890s. However, lunch programs only existed then in select schools and were mostly a for-profit endeavor. Lunch programs evolved to focus on providing nutritionally sound meals and low prices to children who would not otherwise have consistent meals. In the early 1900s, nutrition scientists developed menus to provide students with the number of calories necessary to maximize their learning potential. American school children were often the focus of studies related to food...



Meet the farmer - advocate for Farm to School!

Local Foods in Schools Made Possible by Nutrition Policy - Learn More and Take Action Today!

The much politicized nutrition standards for school meals are deemed by some to be overreaching and ineffective, while proponents see them as meaningful goals that promote healthy lifestyles. One perspective is that the school lunchroom serves as another classroom on campus, with food and nutrition as the subject. And, just as high standards exist for other academic courses, so too are standards in place to guide the subject of lunch. While Sustainable Food Center does not work directly on school meal nutrition standards, we do work on school food policy through a number of related issues. SFC works closely with...



Whole grains make a nutritious lunch!

Get Into Whole Grains for Lunch!

If you’re like us, you brown bag it most days. It’s cheaper and it takes less time than eating out. And it’s one meal that doesn’t have to be tailored to anyone’s tastes but your own. So, what’s in your lunchbox? Any whole grains? There really should be! Hot or cold, whole grains for lunch can be satisfying, healthy and easy to prepare. Here’s how: Start with our #1 timesaving tip: “Cook Once, Eat Twice”. In other words, next time you cook rice....



Fresh & New at SFC Farmers' Markets
It’s officially fall in Texas and our markets are ready to help provide you with everything you need for all your fall cooking needs. Looking for a new herb to jazz up a dish? Check out Tecolote Farms at SFC Farmers’ Market Downtown for their shiso and papalo herbs. Not familiar with these herbs? Tecolote farmers are there to answer all your questions. Also while shopping at our Downtown location this weekend, make sure to participate in the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas Fresh Food Drive by purchasing produce from your favorite farmer and donating it to Central Texans in need. If SFC Farmers' Market at Sunset Valley is your go-to Saturday shopping spot, head to Kubena Farms for their different varieties of squash. While attending all SFC Farmers’ Markets this week remember that our School Garden Supply Drive is still taking place! We are accepting donations of kid-sized garden tools, small journals, and gardening gloves to benefit a local school garden in need. Learn more »

Edible Austin Chef Auction
On Thursday, October 8, Edible Austin will host the fourth annual Chef Auction, where guests can bid on unique culinary packages designed by exciting Austin chefs. The event will be held at the historic Allan House from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. Proceeds benefit SFC and Urban Roots. Learn more »

Mamma Jamma Ride Sept. 26th
Join us for the 7th Annual Texas Mamma Jamma Bike Ride in charming downtown Martindale on the banks of the beautiful San Marcos River. Come to ride and/or enjoy food, music and festivities all day long. Proceeds benefit SFC! Learn more »

SFC on Good Day Austin
This week on our segment with FOX 7's Good Day Austin, Lauren visited with SFC's Grow Local Program Director Sari Albornoz and learned how you can have a ‪vegetable‬ or herb ‪‎garden‬ even if you live in a smaller space. Watch the video »


Culinary Innovation & Community Giveback Grants
Our friends at Austin Food & Wine Alliance will award $40,000 to selected organizations/individuals for the purpose of culinary innovation that contributes to the Austin and/or Central Texas community. Rewarding innovation and community support in the culinary field is unique and fully represents the fearlessness and cutting-edge philosophy of Austin and its food and beverage influencers. Applications are accepted until Oct. 2nd. Learn more » 

New Course Offerings at Farmshare Austin
Farmshare Austin is now offering the opportunity to participate in their immersive educational programs on a part time basis. Students interested in learning the ins and outs of commercial organic agriculture production can attend lectures on the farm Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00-4:00pm, October through January. Total tuition for the Fall Session lectures is $1,800. For more information email E Ray Gard at or visit Special Topics to include: Crop Rotations, Soil Physical Properties, Nutrient Uptake, Soil Biology & Managing Soil Fertility, Orchard, perennial & mycelium management, Land Assessment, Marketing, Writing a business plan and more! 







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