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Food Forests: Making Cities More Food Secure

A food secure world is a world in which all people can easily access sufficient amounts of nutritious food to live long and healthy lives. In order to turn food security from a dream into a reality, we must make a number of changes to our economic and social policies and behaviors. For one, in order to be food secure, all people must earn a living wage, which today’s minimum wages fall far short of. For another, we must drastically reduce...



Farm to Family

Food Access Through Farm Direct

At SFC, we strive to help our local communities overcome some of the barriers they face to accessing healthy foods. Healthy food access is a huge issue for many people in our local community as well as our larger society as a whole today. It is a very real issue of hunger and nutrition. One of our programs that works in healthy food access is our Farm to Family program, which offers...



Black Eyed Peas

Beans and Food Security

Within the problem of food security is an opportunity to discover a traditional Mexican food: beans. With increased evidence that diets high in animal protein are both unsustainable and unhealthy, the humble bean is a powerful alternative. High in protein and insoluble fiber, beans provide slow digesting carbohydrates that are packed with important micronutrients that help build and sustain good health. Stored properly, dried beans can be stored for a long period of time, which makes them even more important in creating lasting food security...



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Fresh & New at SFC Farmers' Markets
This Saturday at SFC Farmers’ Market Downtown, stop by and visit Lightsey Farms for their bounty of pears and persimmons. These fall fruits are the perfect accent to holiday dishes, excellent baking ingredients, or even as simple snacks. Additionally, stop by Phoenix Farms for their abundance of cauliflower in colors such as purple and orange!

Need something to sweeten up your Saturday? Stop by Austin Honey Company at SFC Farmers’ Market Sunset Valley and check out their honey varieties including honey lip balm! Don’t forget to make a visit to Kubena Farms, the SFC Farmers’ Market at Sunset Valley “Featured Vendor” of the week. Kubena Farms will have a variety of fresh, seasonal produce to choose from as well as canned goods like pickled okra. Read more »

Vote for SFC in the CultureMap Charity Challenge!
Vote for us once a day, everyday, until December 30th and help us win an exclusive advertising package valued at $10,000! This award will help us to spread the word about all the community programs we have to offer - from our SFC Farmers' Markets to our food gardening and cooking & nutrition classes, and more! Help us reach out to all our neighbors in support of healthy, local food. Cast your vote today »

Become a SFC Farm to School Ambassador
Are you interested in working with Austin area schools to promote healthy, local foods? Do you have a passion for food systems education? Consider becoming an Ambassador with SFC’s Farm to School program! You’ll be partnered with a number of AISD schools to help organize and facilitate Meet the Farmer Visits, Veggie Samplings, and other health related events. Learn more »

Do you know you can rent out our community room and kitchen? Book your holiday party here today »


Farmshare Austin You-Pick
On Sunday December 20th Farmshare will host a holiday you-pick. It is a great chance to get into the fields and take home some delicious, local, organic produce for your holiday feasts. The event is free and open to the public. A $20 donation is encouraged from pickers. Learn more »




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