Why is food priced the way it is, and why are prices different at a farmers' market versus a grocery store?

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Green Daikon Radishes
It may seem a natural choice that any informed consumer would want to buy all their food from the bustling stands of a local farmers' market - if only we could afford it.

The idea that farmers’ market food is too expensive is pervasive and can seem insurmountable. After all, if food is grown with ethical practices then it must cost more. Right? While there is a ring of truth to this statement, it’s not the whole story and it’s not without cause. So why is food priced the way it is, and why are prices different at a farmers' market versus a grocery store? Keep reading to learn more.
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Highlights, Vendors, Events and more. Downtown and Sunset Valley - Sat, Nov. 16
Feeding a big crowd this year for Thanksgiving? Richardson Farms has 20lb+ birds available to pick up at the market just in time for the holidays. Order one in advance and you can collect them on November 23rd at Downtown or at Sunset Valley.

Sunset Valley: If this swing in temperature has your immune system doing backflips, consider some herbal remedies available from the market this weekend. Respect Your Elderberries has tinctures, syrups and gummies of this powerful antioxidant to help lessen any cold or flu symptoms you may have. Stock up now to prepare for the season of sniffles. If you want a broader array of medicinal herbs and potions stop by Medicine Woman Herbs for teas, drops, and oils all packed with herbal blends to help you through any allergy or viral attack.

Downtown: Feeling that familiar itch in the back of your throat? Rush to Austin Honey Company for a quick dose of local honey packed with anti-inflammatory agents for sore throats and local pollen to help lessen allergy symptoms. Lemon Tree Herbs uses locally sourced plants and herbs to make custom tinctures suited to your everyday needs. For stress support with the upcoming holidays consider a holy basil tincture with potent antioxidant effects and adaptogen stress relief.
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We've dug up the dirt so you don't have to.
"Exploring Agriculture's Role in Addressing Climate Change"
National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition - The House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis held a hearing on October 30th to discuss agriculture's role in implementing solutions to the climate crisis. This is the first time the Select Committee has focused on the potential for America’s farmers and ranchers to be a positive force in the nation’s efforts to combat climate change. Read more »

"Farm Country Feeds America. But Just Try Buying Groceries There."
By Jack Healy, The New York Times - An exodus of grocery stores is turning rural towns into food deserts. But some are fighting back by opening their own local markets. Read more »

"Farms Can Harvest Energy Along with Food"
By John Fialka, Scientific American - Solar arrays placed in agricultural fields can benefit both energy and crop production. Read more »
Farm to Plate Early Bird Tickets on Sale
SFC events, news, blogs and more.
Farm to Plate - Early Bird Tickets On Sale Now!
May 7 - Next year's Farm to Plate will be held in downtown Austin at Brazos Hall - and Early Bird Tickets are now on sale! At Farm to Plate you'll enjoy bites from over 30 of Austin's best chefs, all while supporting local, sustainable farms. Purchase your ticket before January 31st and get $50 off. Limited quantities available - get your tickets now! Learn more »

Building a Culture of Belonging at SFC
Recently, SFC staff all participated in an LGBTQIA+ inclusion training to help us build a culture of belonging, where SFC is safe, accessible, and inclusive to all. Read more »

Eat Pizza for SFC!
All November long, $1 from every Parliament style pizza sold at Via313's Craft Pride and Bufords trailers will be donated to SFC! Learn more »

Volunteers Needed
Our Food Access team is looking for volunteers to join us in the office and help update our brochures. Contact sayuri@sustainablefoodcenter.org. We also need helpers in our Herb Garden, Fridays from 8:30 - 10:00 am. Contact adriana@sustainablefoodcenter.org.

We're Hiring at the Markets!
Spend the morning outside helping farmers and ranchers make a living at the SFC Farmers' Markets. We're looking for part-time associates to join our Saturday morning market crew. Learn more »

Wheatsville Coop Owners - Vote for SFC!
Vote by Nov. 22 - SFC has been nominated to be a Wheatsville Community Action partner in 2020! The funds we receive help us support our local, sustainable farmers and increase access to healthy food. Cast your vote online or in person. Learn more »
Nov. 18 - Break it Down: Essential Knife Skills

Dec. 11 - Break it Down: Essential Knife Skills

Private Group Cooking Classes
Bring your group together in a unique team-building experience in the SFC Kitchen. Learn more »
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Local Honey
Position available - Environmental Program Coordinator (Community Gardens), from City of Austin

Dec. 9 - Save the Date for Trailer Throwback Party from Odd Duck, benefiting SFC Farmers' Market farmers

Dec. 15 - Winter in the Edible Garden, from Austin Edible Gardens

Jan. 16-18 - Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Conference

Jan. 22-25 - Southern SAWG Conference

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