This year, resolve to make change in your community.
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This year, rather than focusing on changing yourself, we are encouraging you to focus on what you can change in your community. If we took the collective energy put into New Year’s resolutions and funneled it into supporting community leaders and improving the health of our community, imagine how much more we could accomplish.

With this in mind, we sat down with three leaders from different sectors working within food and agriculture in Texas. We asked what drives them, what barriers we face as a community, what it takes to do their work successfully, and how you can get involved.
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Highlights, Vendors, Events and more. Downtown and Sunset Valley - Sat, Jan. 11
Sunset Valley: Snack in the sunshine! Swing by the Sunset Valley market this weekend to treat yourself to a classic combo: delicious local roasted coffee and hand crafted pastries! Texas Coffee Traders has coffee options hot and cold, and between their market blend, cold brew, and mocha they’re sure to set your Saturday off right. Pair your cup of joe with a pastry from next door at Le Renard, between her cowboy cookies, chocolate thumbprints, and scones Chef Lauren is sure to have something to sate you!

Downtown:  Let's make lemons into lemonade. There’s a brief window in Central Texas winter where citrus comes to market, and this is it! Come on out early to the Downtown market this weekend and stop by Indian Hills Farm for their incredible Meyer lemons! Swing by Munkebo Farm afterwards to buttress your citrus purchase with some sour oranges, gauranteed to make a stellar marinade or win you a lemonade makin’ contest.
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Farm to Plate Early Bird Tickets on Sale
SFC events, news, blogs and more.
Farm to Plate - Early Bird Tickets On Sale!
May 7 - At Farm to Plate you'll enjoy bites from 30 of Austin's best chefs, while supporting local, sustainable farms. Get your tickets before January 31st for $50 off. Limited quantities available - get your tickets now! Learn more »
We've dug up the dirt so you don't have to.
"An estimated 390,000 Texans might lose access to food stamps under new Trump policy"
By Stacy Fernández, Texas Tribune - One of the proposed rule changes could make SNAP recipients ineligible if their vehicles are valued at more than $4,650. Read more »

"This Was the Decade We All Became Home Chefs. We Have the Internet to Thank for That."
By Kara Voght, MotherJones - An era when simple, unfussy recipes reigned. Read more »

"Malnutrition Hits The Obese As Well As The Underfed"
By Allison Aubrey, NPR - Increasingly, hunger exists side-by-side with obesity. Within the same community, some people are overweight while others don't have enough to eat. Read more »

"2019 was a brutal year for American farmers"
By Umair Irfan, Vox - Record flooding, a delayed harvest, and a trade war with China are hammering US agriculture this year. Read more »
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Start Your Career in Sustainable Ag! - Spring classes are open for registration, at Austin Community College. Learn about Horticulture, Animal Sciences, Sustainable Agriculture, Soil & Water Conservation, and Agronomy.

Private Group Cooking Classes
Bring your group together in a unique team-building experience in the SFC Kitchen. Learn more »

Kitchen Classroom Rentals
Teach your own cooking classes by renting SFC's kitchen classroom! Learn more »
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Jan. 16-18 - Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Conference

Jan 18 - Neighborwoods 500 Tree Adoption, from TreeFolks at SFC Farmers' Market at Sunset Valley

Jan 19 - Farm Camp for Adults, with Green Gate Farms

Jan. 22-25 - Southern SAWG Conference

Jan. 26 - Plant Based Pierogi Workshop (Polish Dumpling)

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