Examining the rise of convenience foods in the US.
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Major Moments in Food & Agriculture: 1900's Until Now
Recently, we wrote about the true cost of food. We dove into how food is priced in the US and why it varies so greatly. But why do we expect food to be so cheap and convenient? Today, we’re taking a closer look at a few major moments in US food and agriculture history that led to the rise of large-scale, conventional, convenience-focused food production.

Our country’s historical relationship with food and agriculture is long and complicated. So for the sake of time, we’ll begin our journey at the first two World Wars - both significant turning points in the way we grow, package, and consume food and discuss how those periods helped create the food system we still have today
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Market Tomatoes
Highlights, Vendors, Events and more. Downtown and Sunset Valley - Sat, May 16
Markets are open this weekend! Come visit over 60 local farmers, ranchers, and small food businesses to keep your pantry stocked with fresh and delicious food.

To keep our vendors, staff and customers safe, we request everyone wear a face covering or mask while in the market area. Please visit our website to learn more about these and other safety measures to help you prepare for your visit.

Would you like to get in and out in even less time? Check out our post on food access resources and a list of vendors you can preorder from before you arrive!
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SFC events, news, blogs and more.
Neighborhood Pop-up Grocery Project
We're proud to announce the launch of our new pilot program - created in partnership with Foodshed Investors and with funding by the City of Austin - that aims to provide food relief in low-income areas of Austin by turning restaurant dining rooms into grocery markets. Read more »

We're Hiring!
We're looking for an hourly bilingual Food Access Associate to work on-site at SFC Farmers’ Markets on Food Access programming, including Double Up Food Bucks, WIC, SNAP and FMNP programs. Read more »

Texas Mamma Jamma Ride
Sept 19. If the Covid-19 lockdown inspired you to dig your bike out of the garage to help you stay active, or has you daydreaming about fun community events, consider signing up for the Texas Mamma Jamma Ride! Learn more »
We've dug up the dirt so you don't have to.
"As Food Supply Chain Breaks Down, Farm-To-Door CSAs Take Off"
By Eric Westervelt, NPR - Community Supported Agriculture programs that sell a weekly box of produce directly to consumers are popular amid concerns about grocery shopping during the pandemic. Read more »

"Pandemic Gardens Satisfy A Hunger For More Than Just Good Tomatoes"
By Petra Mayer, NPR - "What people are starved for right now isn't food, but contact with something real... We can't even give hugs or shake hands. So all of a sudden, the appeal of sinking your hands in the dirt and using your body in ways that matter, that becomes irresistible." Read more »

"Regenerative Agriculture Can Change the Fashion Industry—And the World. But What Is It?"
By Emily Farra, Vogue - Regenerative agriculture is rooted in biodiversity and soil health, but it could also play a huge role in reversing climate change. Here’s why the fashion industry needs to get behind it. Read more »
Vegan Mac n Cheese
We'll be sharing recipes to cook, terms you should know, and more in our weekly selection!
Recipe: Vegan Mac n Cheese
Everybody loves mac n cheese, and vegans are no exception! This is a quick, easy recipe that uses mostly vegetables for the sauce, so it’s a great way to get veggies into a kids’ (or adults!) diet. Use rice pasta if you want to make it gluten-free, add mix-ins like peas or broccoli, or serve it with greens and a BBQ protein of your choice for a healthy BBQ plate. Read more »

Resource for Farmers: USDA Webinar
Today at 12pm! - This webinar is for producers interested in applying for direct payments throught the Cornonavirus Food Assistance Program.




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