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Steak on Texas Cutting Board
Highlights, Vendors, Events and more. Downtown and Sunset Valley - Sat, May 30
Help us keep these farmers in business, safely, by wearing a mask as you shop the markets this weekend. Leave your dogs at home, come in small groups or solo, and take advantage of our free hand washing stations. We are so grateful for all the support from our community during this trying time, thank you all for continuing to support local agriculture and small businesses by shopping with us every weekend! Please visit our website to learn more about these and other safety measures to help you prepare for your visit.

Sunset Valley: If all this time at home has you sick of the kitchen get outside and grill! It’s perfect grilling weather, and our farmers have perfect grilling food. Check out the tender new potatoes and jumbo shishito peppers from Priverno Farm - stick the peppers on two skewers to make sure you don’t lose any while flipping. Then head to Copper Creek Ranch for a pair of NY Strip steaks or a coil of smoked beef sausage and dinner is done!

Downtown: Take care of yourself with some calming and restorative products from the Downtown market. Lemon Tree Herbs has adaptogenic and herbal remedies for everything from stress management to seasonal allergies. Stop by for a personalized recommendation. Then head to South Austin People to pick up lavender infused hand cream, laundry detergent free from dyes and synthetic scents, and all natural scrubs for a little pampering this weekend.
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THK Cookbook Ad
SFC events, news, blogs and more.
"Fresh Seasonal Recipes" Out Now!
We're thrilled to announce the release of the 4th edition of our Happy Kitchen cookbook, "Fresh Seasonal Recipes" - available for the first time as a digital download! This edition includes familiar favorites alongside new additions. Learn more »

"Update on Current Food and Agriculture Policy"
By Simone Benz Over the past months, our national food system has seen tremendous disruption. We need policies to make sure local farms and ranches can be sustained through the pandemic and will continue to thrive in the long term. Read on for some timely updates on several pieces of federal legislation that will impact our local food system. Learn more »

Wheatsville Community Action Partner
We're Wheatsville Food Co-op's May Community Action Partner! Visit Wheatsville all month long to stock up on your weekly groceries with local products, and round up at the register for SFC! Learn more »

Texas Mamma Jamma Ride
Sept 19. If the Covid-19 lockdown inspired you to dig your bike out of the garage to help you stay active, or has you daydreaming about fun community events, consider signing up for the Texas Mamma Jamma Ride! Learn more »
We've dug up the dirt so you don't have to.
"Pandemics aren’t limited to people: How the world’s most famous seed vault defends plants against their next big outbreak"
By Simran Sethi, The Counter - Inside the remote storage facility that helps conserve food security for future generations. Read more »

"The indoor farm revolution"
By Chris Taylor, Mashable - Coronavirus chaos has spurred a grow-your-own food movement — and space-age hydroponic technology is rising to meet it. Read more »

"Business is booming for many small, local meat processors and butchers, as massive slaughterhouses face COVID crises"
By Carson Vaughan, Business Insider - The sudden demand for local butchers and meat processors arrives during a time when relatively few remain. Read more »
Peach Salsa
We'll be sharing recipes to cook, terms you should know, and more in our weekly selection!
Recipe: Peach Salsa
Peach season is upon us! Peaches are good on their own as a snack, as part of a desert and as a side dish. This sweet, spicy, acidic salsa is great for chip dipping as well as an accompaniment to any taco! Read more »




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