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Where do we grow from here?
SFC's Equity Team: Work Toward Progress
In 2016, SFC launched a Racial Justice team, comprised of members of staff across all departments, after an in-depth training on racial justice and equity. Our goals were to look at our organizational processes and culture, and learn how to be better allies for our community. Today, we wanted to share our racial justice journey at a time when so many systemic injustices are being illuminated.
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Okra Baskets
Highlights, Vendors, Events and more. Downtown and Sunset Valley - Sat, July 11
Markets are open this weekend! To keep our vendors, staff and customers safe, we request everyone wear a face covering or mask while in the market area. Please visit our website to learn more about our safety measures.

SUNSET VALLEY: Yapa Empanadas will be at both markets this weekend. These traditional handheld pies are always made fresh, made locally, and made with unique ingredients. Stop by to enjoy the classic Peruvian Style Chicken or the brand-new Pina Colada flavor (non-alcoholic of course.) Order online for pickup at markets and get a dollar off!

DOWNTOWN: If spending so much time at home has you thinking, what’s that funky smell? It might be time for a deep clean. Head to SoAP for eco-friendly and naturally scented laundry soap in classic scents like lavender or tea tree oil. Their castile soap is great as an all-purpose cleaner, mix a small amount into a spray bottle with water to use on surfaces and countertops. After all that hard work, light up a candle from Gojema Candles in scents like Black Sands and Driftwood, and feel the stress just melt away.

SFC Farmers' Market match SNAP, WIC and FMNP benefits with Double Up Food Bucks! Visit our website for more information on which vendors will be at market, what products are in season, and more.
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THK Cookbook Ad
SFC events, news, blogs and more.
Wholesale Readiness Webinar Series
June 16, July 14, August 18. In this 3-part webinar series, Ellen Polishuk will give farmers all the in's and out's of setting up a wholesale operation. Your $20 registration fee will get you access to all 3 webinars, plus a copy of Ellen's book, Start Your Farm: The Authoritative Guide to Becoming a Sustainable 21st Century Farmer.

Texas Mamma Jamma Ride
Sept 19. If the Covid-19 lockdown inspired you to dig your bike out of the garage to help you stay active, or has you daydreaming about fun community events, consider signing up for the Texas Mamma Jamma Ride!
We've dug up the dirt so you don't have to.
"Vermont just banned food waste in trash. Here’s how it works"
By Kristin Toussait, Fast Company - Vermont officials won’t be digging through trash cans looking for lawbreakers—but they believe residents care enough about composting to make it a success.

"Meet the Gleaners, Combing Farm Fields to Feed the Newly Hungry"
By Rachel Wharton, New York Times - An age-old tradition suddenly has fresh urgency in the pandemic, delivering surplus produce to Americans who can’t feed their families.

"In Mexico City, the coronavirus is bringing back Aztec-era ‘floating gardens’"
By Amanda Gokee, Grist - The urban sprawl of one of the world’s densest cities yields to a lake region where indigenous farmers have been cultivating a unique system of floating gardens since precolonial times.
Tomato Baskets
We'll be sharing recipes to cook, terms you should know, and more in our weekly selection!
Recipe: Tomato and Watermelon Salad with Feta
Another refreshing summer dish from our archives! Tomatoes are combined with other cooling powerhouse produce (think cool, crunchy cucumbers and sweet melon), balanced with the salty tang of feta cheese and brightened with fresh mint, this is a salad you'll enjoy all summer long!

Gardening Tip: How to Water Your Garden
During these hot summer days, we need to pay extra attention to watering needs in our gardens. In this video, Russell, an SFC Intro to Food Gardening facilitator, helps us learn how to keep our plants well-hydrated.




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