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SFC Farmers' Market
Highlights, Vendors, Events and more. Downtown and Sunset Valley - Sat, Aug 8
Markets are open this weekend! To keep our vendors, staff and customers safe, we request everyone wear a face covering or mask while in the market area. Please visit our website to learn more about our safety measures.

Happy National Farmers' Market Week! In honor of this annual week that celebrates farmers' markets nationwide, we'd like to share a few reasons why we think our SFC Farmers' Markets are so unique:

(1) Food sold at our markets never travels more than 150 miles from the farm to your plate! We visit each farm, ranch, and kitchen to verify that all food at markets is local. (2) We have the Double Up Food Bucks program, expanding access to nutritious food to thousands of Central Texans. (3) Over 100 small businesses come to our market so you're guaranteed to find what you need, and you'll discover new ingredients too!

So come visit us this Saturday, Downtown and at Sunset Valley, and celebrate National Farmers' Market Week with us!

SFC Farmers' Market match SNAP, WIC and FMNP benefits with Double Up Food Bucks! Visit our website for more information on which vendors will be at market, what products are in season, and more.
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SFC events, news, blogs and more.
How Has COVID-19 Affected SFC Farmers' Markets?
In honor of National Farmers Market Week, we’re taking a closer look at how sales at our two SFC Farmers’ Markets, Downtown and at Sunset Valley, have been affected by COVID-19.

Sustainable Food Center: Local Food for All
In this guest blog post, Amy Gallo spoke with Johnson's Backyard Garden about our SFC Farmers' Markets and food access programs.

Wholesale Readiness Webinar Series
June 16, July 14, August 18. In this 3-part webinar series, Ellen Polishuk will give farmers all the in's and out's of setting up a wholesale operation. Your $20 registration fee will get you access to all 3 webinars, plus a copy of Ellen's book, Start Your Farm: The Authoritative Guide to Becoming a Sustainable 21st Century Farmer.

Texas Mamma Jamma Ride
Sept 19. If the Covid-19 lockdown inspired you to dig your bike out of the garage to help you stay active, or has you daydreaming about fun community events, consider signing up for the Texas Mamma Jamma Ride!
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We've dug up the dirt so you don't have to.
"Navajo Nation Sees Farming Renaissance During Coronavirus Pandemic"
By Laurel Morales, NPR - The Navajo Nation is having a farming renaissance in the era of COVID-19. More residents are turning to traditional agriculture as they're under strict travel limits due to the coronavirus

"The pandemic could actually strengthen the U.S. food system"
By Saul Elbein, National Geographic - The shock to U.S. food chains from the coronavirus has been a boon to small- and mid-sized farms and distributors. Could it be the start of a new way to get food?

"'The land is still here': A Black farmer's fight for his legacy during Covid-19"
By W. Kamau Bell, CNN - As seen on "United Shades of America," running a family farm in the United States is incredibly difficult. And that was before Covid-19. Now the crisis is even worse -- especially for Black farmers like George Roberts, who are fighting a history of racism alongside the coronavirus.

"4 steps we must take to fix the world's broken food system"
By Nicoletta Batini, James Lomax and Divya Mehra for CNN Business Perspectives - Rebuilding after Covid-19 offers opportunity to transform the global food system and make it resilient, environmentally sustainable and ensure healthy nutrition for all. To make this happen, United Nations agencies suggest four broad shifts.
We'll be sharing recipes to cook, terms you should know, and more in our weekly selection!
Recipe: 12 crispy, crunchy and roasty Southern recipes to convert any okra skeptics
Whether you love it or hate it, okra grows in abundance during the Central Texas summer. If you're still feeling skeptical about trying out this sometimes slimy summer veggie, check out these recipes from the Southern Kitchen - we're sure you'll find at least one that will convert you to an okra enthusiast!




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