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Vote 2020
How Your Voice is Heard: Understanding Food Policy
We are undoubtedly in a historic election year. While 2020 has taught us many lessons, most of all we now know our community relies on a strong food system for its overall health, wellbeing, and stability.

As you think about how you want your to be voice heard this election season, it’s important to understand how the different levels of government affect the food you eat every day. From city councils to counties, to state and the national government, today on the blog we’re breaking down everything you need to know about government and food policy.
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Bell Peppers
Highlights, Vendors, Events and more. Downtown and Sunset Valley - Sat, October 10
Markets are open this weekend! To keep our vendors, staff and customers safe, we request everyone wear a face covering or mask while in the market area. Please visit our website to learn more about our safety measures.

New Vendor Alert! Check out some new (and returning favorite) vendors this weekend at whichever market you call home.

DOWNTOWN: Mull Berry Dry Goods provides dry baking mixes with locally sourced grains that are freshly ground so that customers get the freshest, most nutritious (and tastiest) mixes possible. Beer bread, pancakes, and biscuit mix to help you EDG Coffee

SUNSET VALLEY: Art Bags by Felisa are unique purses and bags, handcrafted with carefully chosen upcycled fabrics and materials. Show your personality with boho yoga mat bags, funky clutches, and elegant shoulder bags.

Sweet Sensi is setting the standard for craft CBD products. They are the first and only CBD company in Texas to produce consumer products from "seed-to-sale", meaning they grow, extract, and hand produce their products. Pick up a salve, gum drop, or bottle of tincture this weekend!

Dorothy’s Choice is the melding of chefs Michael and Kristen Bradshaw. Catch up with them this weekend for pumpkin spice cheesecake, banana nut bread, and hot and fresh cinnamon rolls.

SFC Farmers' Market match SNAP, WIC and FMNP benefits with Double Up Food Bucks! Visit our website for more information on which vendors will be at market, what products are in season, and more.
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Become a Food Justice Champion Image
SFC events, news, blogs and more.
Become a Food Justice Champion!
Investing in our work with a sustaining gift is the easiest, most effective way for you to make sure healthy, local food is always available for everyone in Central Texas. Start your sustainer donation today and become a champion for food justice!

Wheatsville Members - Vote for SFC!
Vote by Nov 20. Calling all Wheatsville co-op members! SFC is on the ballot for Wheatsville’s Community Action Program, and we need your support. Cast your vote for SFC and help us receive this wonderful funding from our friends at Wheatsville.
THK Cookbook Ad
We've dug up the dirt so you don't have to.
"How are you supposed to inspect produce at the farmers’ market during a pandemic?"
By Pearse Anderson, The Counter - Safety precautions put in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19 have complicated the beloved tradition of smelling and touching food at farmers’ markets.

"How To Incentivize Producers And Retailers To Adopt Sustainable Farming Practices"
By Angel Au-Yeung, Forbes - Retailers — especially major corporations — are eager to contribute to a more environmentally responsible food supply chain, but there is a gap in knowledge as the global animal agricultural supply chain is both complex and byzantine.

"Joe’s Organics Cultivates a Zero-Waste Ethos in Austin"
By Jen Hamilton Hernandez, Austin Monthly - Joe Diffie’s dumpster-diving, migrant farm-working past forever rocked his worldview. Now the urban farmer is spinning potato peels into profits.
Sweet Potato Hash
We'll be sharing recipes to cook, terms you should know, and more in our weekly selection!
Recipe: Sweet Potato and Quinoa Hash
Fall is officially here! Enjoy the best of this season’s produce with this veggie and protein-packed Sweet Potato and Quinoa Hash recipe from our cookbook, "Fresh, Seasonal Recipes." Sweet potatoes, greens, bell peppers, and green onions can all be found at the SFC Farmers' Markets this time of year, for a satisfyingly local dish.

Conference Recommendations:
Virtual Conference on Food Resilience, Access, and Equity

Presented by The Cook’s Nook, this conference provides a forum to facilitate much needed dialogue and cooperation between local private and public organizations to share experience, know-how and best practices that address food insecurity for people most at risk during emergencies and disasters in local communities.

Farm & Food Leadership Conference
Registration is open for the first-ever virtual conference from Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance. This unique conference focuses on the policies and regulations affecting our farms and our food as well as the latest developments in sustainable agriculture.



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