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Sustainable Food Center
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Sustainable Food Center Videos!

SFC VideosHave you seen the new short films about SFC? We’re vying for a win in the 2012 Lights. Camera. Help. Nonprofit Film Festival on Sept. 12-14! Watch us Grow, Share and Prepare and then tell a friend about SFC’s work by sending them this short overview film on all our programs!

2012 Farm Bill Gets One Step Closer

Another step in the process of passing the 2012 Farm Bill is complete, as the House Ag Committee passed their version last week. Summaries of the House version were provided to SFC by our national policy partners, Community Food Security Coalition and National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition. Among the highlights (and low-lights) are increased funding for farmers’ market and farm-to-school programs along with unfortunate cuts to SNAP and to conservation and sustainable ag programs. Read more by following the links above.

SFC Trains Other Communities
to Build Local Food Systems

SFC hosted our first Program Replication Training led by program staff on June 4-6. Twenty-five individuals attended, representing 9 community-based organizations in Texas and New Orleans, plus a representative from Texas Dept. of Agriculture and… (read more)

How The Happy Kitchen Changed My Life
by Cancer Survivor, Mary Swanson

Mary Swanson

In May 2004, my life changed forever, when I heard those words, “You have cancer”. I heard nothing after those words. I had surgery and did what the doctor’s told me to do. Over a course of 3 years I gained over 30 pounds, due to the medication. I took the last dose of that medication in December 2008 and was told the weight would fall off. It did not fall off.

In October 2010, my life was changed again, as I heard those words once again, “You have cancer”. I was told it was not a recurrence; it was a brand new one. I once again did what the doctors told me to do. Over the course of the year, I wondered what could I do differently as I did not make any changes after the first diagnosis in 2004. I have always read, lower your cancer risk with Diet, Weight and Exercise. I think I tried every diet in the world with no success.

In the Fall of 2011, I received an email regarding The Happy Kitchen at Livestrong, six classes total, and you get food to take home and practice the recipe. I signed up as what could be better...

To read more about what Mary was able to change in her life, click here.

Using Water Efficiently in your Summer Garden

It’s official: it’s summer, and it’s hot. With temperatures soaring and sparse rainfall, it’s vital to use water as efficiently as possible in your summer veggie garden. Here are some tips from Grow Local to help keep your summer garden alive and productive while also conserving water...(read more)


SFC is excited to partner with: RGK Foundation, Wholesome Wave Foundation, Junior League of Austin, Blue Cross Blue Shield, EcoClean, H-E-B, and Maxwell, Locke and Ritter!

Can you help provide food access to Central Texans in need this summer?

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The founders of Ecopocalypse invite you to Día de los Muertos: A gala to benefit the Sustainable Food Center! This morbidly glamorous evening will be held on October 18th at the Pecan Street Café and Coppertank Event Center. Come taste food from ten of your favorite restaurants in town and witness Austin’s own chef competition. For more information and to purchase tickets, please click here.

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